Happiness in Techland

calli/ October 16, 2017/ Uncategorized

My Nexus 5x died late Saturday night. It is just a thing but with phones, there are many things tied to it. Two factor auths and stuff. I have a new one heading to me. I had the replacement plan for the phone which would have expired in 2 months. So I guess I will get another 5x that should

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calli/ October 13, 2017/ Uncategorized

Yeah I know. I should not have let this site go so long without updates. I have updated some of the code for the site. I have also updated parts of the system that supports the box. I hope to keep the updates flowing with more information.    

Sorry for the mess

calli/ July 12, 2017/ Uncategorized

Yes, I am still in the process of building things. Thanks for coming to visit. I will keep adding data as I work on the layout.

I see what you did there …

calli/ July 10, 2017/ General

  I am still working out parts of this site. Yet it is setup enough that I can begin to use it. I am glad I set up the NAS when I did. One of the drives in my desktop has started to make the click-click of death sound. Still lots of things I want to play with on the

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Here we go again

calli/ July 7, 2017/ General

Welcome to the lovecalli.org my little blog that comes and goes. This version should last much longer as I used some funds into the machine that is maintaining this.  You can expect a little bit of technical stuff as well as historic cooking things. You will also find some other home/backyard related posts. Welcome to my grande adventure.