Tech Good , Calli tired.

calli/ February 13, 2018/ Uncategorized

So I have made some cool stuff this week. I have created a multi-master kubernetes cluster that instead of using a load balancer. Each node is running its own container that is a load balancer so I have turned each node into its own load balancer. No, you can’t use kubernetes to start these containers as it needs to be running before the

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3 Days at home

calli/ January 20, 2018/ General, Tech

I have spent 3 working days at home with the snow. While I think I have been productive it has not been on the projects that I wanted to be the productive on. I spent today cleaning up my desk and the bedroom. Clothes are washed and put away. Many things on my desk are now also in their new

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What ?

calli/ January 3, 2018/ Uncategorized

Over the past week, I have used my own VPN to secure and update things at home while traveling.  It has been great.  Now I need to clean up some items and work on putting more things to use. Before I left I had set up things to allow my plex server to get updates and clean-up items. I now

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Testing Day

calli/ December 8, 2017/ Uncategorized

Blood was drawn for my physical this morning.  In a few hours, I get fingerprinted for yet another background check. In the afternoon it is yet another interview. Life is interesting.  

Smartwatch update

calli/ December 4, 2017/ Uncategorized

New rule Do not wear the smartwatch to bed. It will light up when you turn over.   I am enjoying the watch but am still trying to figure out how to integrate it into my normal routine.  Right now I have been working on trying to get it to remind me to get up and walk around. It has

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Smartwatch Day 2

calli/ November 27, 2017/ Uncategorized

So my smartwatch weekend was pretty good. I am getting used to it and trying to figure out the best ways to use it.  I like it better for tracking activity as it sends me reminders. (Really google fit)   On the k8s front. Trust your proxy.    

Smartwatch here I come!

calli/ November 21, 2017/ Uncategorized

Well poo. My 2 Factor plugin broke. So I had to disable it for now. My android watch has arrived. I now have a Tikwatch S. So far it has been fun to use. Having never had a smartwatch I am not sure what to expect. I guess I will have to see how well it works this holiday to

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Do the thing

calli/ November 8, 2017/ Uncategorized

I am still working on things at the house. At this point, everything is now AT the house but items need to be sorted and put in place.  I am also working on my IT offerings at the house. I am currently running my own VPN, as well as website and other services.   Hmm what can I do next.


calli/ November 3, 2017/ Uncategorized

So my new house has 2 Ecobee thermostats. Now that the season of heating has arrived my thermostats started using emergency heating strips to keep us warm. If the weather had been super cold then I would not have minded. Sadly that was not the case. I figured out with help from ecobee support that my units were using the heat

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