calli/ July 10, 2017/ General


I am still working out parts of this site. Yet it is setup enough that I can begin to use it.

I am glad I set up the NAS when I did. One of the drives in my desktop has started to make the click-click of death sound. Still lots of things I want to play with on the new NAS. VPN server, gitlab, and Docker are just some of things I need to setup. Overall I am very satisfied with it all. It has been very stable and has lots of options that I am using.

We made some good progress on moving things out of the garage. The hand truck I picked up last week was put to good use. I am glad I got it. While not really set up the SCA storage room now has furniture in it. The mudroom on the back of the house is also coming together.  It had been used as a closet for us. Now that we have moved upstairs I was able to move the clothing rack to the SCA room.

I hope there are some good price drops for Amazon prime day. I need to pick up some things.


Work today is full of meetings I hope when I get home I have the mental energy to do something useful.




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